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Quiet Restaurants

Close to Carmel

Where can you go to have the best chance of having an actual conversation?  The listings here are based on our visits.  Your experience may vary as different times of day and different patrons will change the sound dynamics.  Please feel free to send us your comments and your recommendations.  Our hope is to bring much needed attention to the plight of the hard of hearing in our community and to encourage restaurants to think about the noise levels.


Tips for eating in a restaurant with hearing loss – 

When you enter the restaurant let the server know that one of your group is hard of hearing and see if they can proactively seat you away from loud groups.

Often outside seating is best, although be careful of seating that is right next to a busy street – traffic noise can be worse than people noise.

Perimeter seating is usually better than in the middle.  The hearing impaired person should sit with her back to the wall.  

Booths are usually better than tables.  Especially the booths with high backs.

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