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Our Philosophy

All our efforts focus on people. In our close cooperation with hearing care experts around the world, we want to give our customers the confidence to lead active lives. We produce modern technology and versatile products that offer a life without limitations.

Our Values

Phonak’s values and goals evolved from the cooperation of all Phonak employees. They have grown organically, being characteristic of the unique, open Phonak culture that has always focused on people. Our values serve as our connection with the past and are the best foundation for a successful future.


We are committed to understanding the challenges faced by people who live with hearing loss, and to improving the quality of their lives. We measure our success by the positive impact our technologies have on the ability to communicate and enjoy life’s rich soundscapes. This is what truly inspires and motivates us. This is our passion.


We are keen to be the driving force in hearing care. We envision a future without boundaries, and continuously challenge the limits of technology with our innovative solutions. We will go on daring the impossible in our quest to offer an optimal hearing experience.


We are dedicated to engaging the voices of those around us. We listen intentlyto the hearing care professionals who contribute their deep knowledge andunique insights to our joint mission. And by giving a voice to all thoseaffected by hearing loss, we help them to both hear again and to be heard. Click here for more information about the products available through Phonak

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