With Total Hearing Solutions’ unique style of care in addition to being a division of Northside ENT, there’s no wonder that our patients have such kind words to say about us. We strive to satisfy each patient and their individual hearing needs while providing them compassion and care along the way.

My declining ability to hear well was very gradual and so it was easy to ignore for a couple of years. The reality was, I was no longer comfortable in many social setting,friends were repeating words, and a favorite past time of seeing movies was a total frustration. In short, many activities just weren’t fun any more. Being fitted with hearing aids at Total Solutions truly changed my life and my only regret is that I waited so long before going there. I no longer struggle to be part of a conversation, can laugh at a joke along with everyone else and don’t feel left out in a crowded room. My hearing aids really allow me to have a normal social life and have made me a happy person again.

—Margaret B. / THS pt since Dec 2012

Loud parties, noisy restaurants, mumbling teenagers – Oh My!

These (and more) scared and intimidated me as my tinnitus worsened over several years. The ringing in my ears got so bad that I could only understand my wife if she spoke directly at me with no ambient noise. My work suffered, watching TV was possible only with closed captioning, and I stopped going out in public alone – without a translator, as it were. Tinnitus was at its worst at quiet times, like at night – the ringing filled my whole head. Getting to sleep was extremely difficult and I woke frequently. I eventually had to use anti-anxiety medication to get any sleep at all.

One day a letter arrived from Total Hearing Solutions about a new tinnitus treatment. By this time I had researched several tinnitus “cures” only to be disappointed each time. Kira at Total Hearing Solutions had previously fitted me with a hearing aid that improved my life tremendously; so I read the information with a great deal of interest and yet a little skepticism. I had always been told there was no modern medical cure for tinnitus. Neuromonics seemed different though. They didn’t claim a cure, just the ability to live with and learn to ignore the tinnitus. I discussed it with my wife and completed the questionnaire included with the letter.

We decided to pursue the treatment and both I and my wife are very happy with the results. The treatment is incredibly easy, relaxing, and impressive. The most difficult part is at the beginning of treatment as you learn the best schedule for two hour treatments. Treatment is simply listening to music. I’ve used my Neuromonics device virtually every day since I got it – over a year now. It is still relaxing and still fun. Sometimes I use it not for tinnitus relief but just to relax.

The most powerful effect of the Neuromonics treatment is that I now have substantial control over my tinnitus. When I notice my ears ringing I can listen to treatment tracks virtually (i.e. in my head) and the tinnitus recedes.

I’ve learned to live with tinnitus and now I enjoy parties and restaurants, football games and concerts, and all the things I used to avoid. Except for mumbling teenagers – they still scare me! But maybe this is a problem unrelated to tinnitus.

—Ric H. Neuromonics user since August 2010

At a very young age, I was infected by measles that caused a minor hearing loss. That coupled with sirens and bells from a career with the fire and police department for 22 years and the pressure from flying hundreds of thousands of miles, caused me to seek a solution with hearing aids. At first I tried inexpensive devices that were advertised online. That became a complete failure, so I decided to seek professional help. The three different aids I purchased over six years were both uncomfortable and not effective. In 2009 I attended a luncheon sponsored by Total Hearing Solutions. They introduced me to behind the ear Phonak with a special device for my left ear. My ability to hear was increased dramatically.

In 2012 I was fitted with Lyric devices in both ears. My ability to hear increased even more and I thought this was as good as it was going to be, until a few weeks ago. This was at my last appointment when I inquired to my audiologist, Jennifer Lane, about returning to an over the ear device because I was no longer flying. She suggested the Audeo V. They were fitted on December 9, and my hearing is the best I can remember. The aid is superb, both in comfort and the many functions it offers. With all that, something needs to be said about the fantastic service I have received over the past 5 years. No matter how good the device, it means nothing without the service and follow-up. Both are impeccable and highly recommended at Total Hearing Solutions.

—Herbert M./THS patient since 2009

Quite simply, you have given me “My Gerald” back! It is wonderful to hear him say “I need to change batteries – I can’t stand not hearing!”

The family was losing “our Gerald.” He leaned on me to deal with telephone calls, manage conversations both business and personal, and most of all he was becoming silent. It was sad to watch. it seemed he was aging when in fact he just could no longer hear enough to join in with others.

The turnaround is just like someone took away the veil that was clouding his participation in life. he not only enters conversations, but initiates them because he can participate. I notice I no longer treat him a bit like a child – always needing to get his attention before speaking. now I can even talk to him from another room and ask if that old coffee cup needs a refill or not – and guess what – he answers! I smile every time!!

Gerald had always been a very outgoing person and usually the life of the party, but that had all changed. Yes, he had some medical issues and a bit of aging, but none of that even begins to touch how much his lack of hearing was affecting his whole personality.

After 2 years of nudging him on the hearing issue, he went to Total Hearing Solutions – mostly to quiet my nagging. Yes, even after the test showed he needed assistance with hearing and the Audiologist presented the options he would have left without getting the hearing aids, BUT , the Audiologist noticed I could talk with him better and she offered to leave the room for a moment. In that moment I was able to share with him that here was an opportunity to get his life back and not lose anymore – it was before him and he should seize this change. I knew if he left if would be over and my heart just could not let him fade away.

It has been 2 months since he got his aids and he still comments on how much he enjoys them. He puts them in as soon as he gets up and they come off at bedtime – he just does not want to be without his world of hearing.

If you wish to contact Gerald, he is more than open to talking to you – afterall he can hear you now.

—Janet and Gerald W./ THS patient since 2014

A++ team and service. Love the way they work! Would gladly recommend them to everyone in the market for this sort of service!

—Louisa F./ spouse of THS patient

Thank you for opening up my world to all the wonderful sounds!

—JoAnn H./ THS patient since 2011